Children and Young People

Sunday School

Under normal circumstances we run a Sunday School for all ages. Sadly due to COVID the Sunday School is temporarily closed. We plan to restart on Sunday 26th September following an All age worship service on Sunday 19th September led by our Sunday School leader.

When is Sunday School?

Sunday School is during the Sunday morning worship. We all begin the service together then when collection is about to be taken the Sunday School leaders take the children through to the Sunday school room at the back of the church building.

What do you do in Sunday School?

Using the Bible we learn how God is relevant to us in our everyday lives. We do fun activities to help us learn and quite often have lively discussions about what God means to us.

The children love to ask all sorts of questions and if we don’t know the answers we try and find out together!

While the older children (4 years +) do a lesson there is a lovely play area for the little ones to enjoy. The older children often come to join the littlies when they’ve finished their job.

What else happens besides the Sunday morning session?

Every year we celebrate our Sunday School Anniversary with an All age Worship which the children are a big part of. They help to plan everything from writing prayers to choosing hymns before taking part in the actual service.

At Christmas we have our turn to tell the story of Jesus’ birth with a Nativity Service. We invite all our families to watch and sometimes we even get them to join in!! This years Nativity Service is on Sunday 19th December.

Are the children a big part of Union Street Church?

Absolutely! Any thoughts and feelings the children have are shared in our elders and church meetings via the Sunday School leaders. The church recognises that the children are the potential future of our church and so it is vital that they are part of the team and are made to feel valued and accepted. Sometimes the children make a bit of noise during the first part of the service in church but that is okay -we’d rather have children making a bit of noise than not have any coming at all!

What is the Sunday School room like?

We are very fortunate to have a very spacious room for our Sunday School which recently had a makeover, including new carpet! We have a great play area for our younger children to enjoy while our older children do their Sunday School lessons. The toys and area is regularly checked  and cleaned making sure it’s safe for our little ones. (Photo’s coming soon!)

Can we just turn up?

YES! you are welcome to come and join us anytime although it would be super helpful to get in touch with our Sunday School leader and give a head’s up that you’re planning to visit. Contact us if you’d like to get in touch with our Sunday School leader.

Come to the church service at 10.45am with your adults and the leaders will take you into Sunday School at  the right time. You will be well looked after by our friendly adults who all have a current DBS check and they will take you back to your adults at the end of the service -of course your adults are more than welcome to come in with you the first time you visit if this will make you feel better!


Children and Young People are an integral part of our Church family as our Charter affirms:

Charter for Children in the Church

We believe that:Children are equal partners with adults in the life of the church.

  1. The full diet of Christian worship is for children as well as adults.
  2. Learning is for the whole church, adults and children.
  3. Fellowship is for all – each belonging meaningfully to the rest.
  4. Service is for children to give, as well as adults.
  5. The call to evangelism comes to all God’s people of whatever age.
  6. The Holy Spirit speaks powerfully through children as well as adults.
  7. The discovery and development of gifts in children and adults is a key function of the church.
  8. As a church community we must learn to do only those things in separate age groups which we cannot in all conscience do together.
  9. The concept of the ‘Priesthood of all Believers’ includes children.